Monday, December 13, 2004

Aaj Angrezi main

Friends, Indians, countrymen today i am posting from some one else's box so sir please tolerate na. Hugely big sore in your eye, blogging in english for now.

Today's blog has variety menu from Vandaloo dance to Gambhir paratha. Let me start out by saying "Sock it" to all the desi psuedo-hyper-intellect types who write high funda crap on their blogs about life, relationships, values and all bakwaas put in one place. At the risk of preaching i must say, folkers needs to get a life. Find a good girl who can tolerate your psuedo-hyper-intellect rambling 24*7 and thanks your lucky stars and who ever you believe in. Hope you get it once a day ( i meant food silly ...) and again thanks your lucky stars and who ever you believe in. You can thank me too.

Yesterday was a sub-par day. Cricket was sub par. Later went drinking, the beer was sub-par. Went to a indian resturant and the food was sub-par too.

Went to a desi family type party today. Played a lot of blackjack (what straight married man play) and came out with $5 (every turn was 10 cents ONLY, so i did win a lot). Moved on to a club and spent $15 on pool and beers. Today i discovered my pool talent. Till now i was only watching some good pool talent ;). I cleaned the board in 2 chances then took the white ball while attempting #8. Genius !! Then came the interesting bit, went to a dance club and saw crazed out dasies. Man i was so embarassed. Grown up desi guys behaving like horny teenagers. Men performing medieval type dancing with hair flying around, specs disheaveled, wide eyed zombies waving their armes and legs widely, spasmic turubulences running all over their body and they in turn bouncing off the walls everywhere. I wanted to light a fire in the middle shout "Zingalala hum zingalala, hurrr hurrrr". Gawd "dharti faat jaati aur main usme saama jaata" types embarassing. Finally managed to sneak out with couple of sensible friends and we went to a different club. Danced for a while, drank a bit more, found some good, warm people in the club to chat. Forgot what we talked about , guess beer talk and then decided to return home around 1:30.

M.S. Subbulakshmi is dead, too bad I am sad. I loved her performances (didn't understand a word of what she said). She ranks right there with Aritha Franklin (Ok " The only boy who could ever teach me was a son of a preacher man" influences me the way no other song can.)
Ganguly made 71 and India will win 3 test in a row, folker will stay captain for another 6 months.

I am reading this interesting book called ‘Chhava’, it's a must read.


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