Sunday, August 28, 2005

Journalistic freedom?

Read this post on Iraqi constitution at CNN and this one at BBC. Wow they both are pretty much reporting the same news but the titles are a world apart. The CNN piece is so biased towards a republican point of view that it tries to give a positive spin even to the rejection of the new constitution. Most probably the constitution will be rejected in October by the Iraqi people (only need 2/3 votes against it in 3/18 provinces). With that the entire political process in Iraq will be back to square one as far as constitution definition is concerned. This in turn will render a huge blow to the exit strategy (if any) that Bush might have in Iraq thus leading to the election of Hillary in 2008 and then the best part - the next sex scandal at White House courtsey Billy "The Wild Boy" Clinton. Hey if CNN can give a spin to a story, I have no credibality to defend.


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